Webcam Geo-location Dataset

Nathan Jacobs | Kylia Miskell | Robert Pless


This website accompanies our WACV 2011 paper, "Webcam Geo-localization using Aggregate Light Levels".

If you use this dataset to evaluate your own geo-location algorithms, we request that you cite our paper.

[1] Nathan Jacobs, Kylia Miskell, Robert Pless, "Webcam Geo-localization using Aggregate Light Levels", In Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2011.


To access the dataset featured in "Webcam Geo-localization using Aggregate Light Levels" please:

  1. Download the following .zip file (72.4 MB)
    README.txt : contains instructions for the use of all elements in the .zip file : a python script for pulling camera images from AMOS
    AMOS_dataset.mat : a mat file containing the camera data for the 633 cameras we used to test our algorithm
    AMOS_groundtruth.txt : a text file containing ground truth location data for those 633 cameras
  2. Follow the instructions in the provided README file to run the packaged Python script
-- OR --
  1. Read the instructions on how to use the data in the packaged .mat file