Camera Map

AMOS is home to 36186 publicly available webcams. 21011 of these cameras have known geographic locations. This interactive map allows you to explore these located cameras. Each camera point is color-coded to reflect how long it has been since we last successfully captured data from the camera. Each camera point is also clickable and will bring up a popup with the camera title and last captured image.

Live Map

Once a camera has been added to AMOS we begin taking snapshots of the camera feed every half hour. This means AMOS is constantly archiving snapshots of webcams around the world. This auto-updating map shows the cameras (with known locations) that AMOS has archived in the past 3 seconds.

Parallel Coordinates

A parallel coordinates plot makes it easy to visualize high-dimensional data. Each dimension is laid out in parallel and each data point is plotted as a line through these parallel axes. In this plot we are visualizing geo-located AMOS cameras using their camera ID, latitude, longitude, number of images captured, and years of data captured as our dimensions.

Tag Cloud

Users can add descriptive tags such as "mountain" and "urban" to AMOS cameras. This interactive tag cloud showcases all of our AMOS camera tags. The size of each tag reflects the number of cameras that display the given tag.